ACCW Scholarship

2021 Winning Essay

What it Means to be a Catholic Woman in the World Today

It is a great challenge for many to continue their devotion to the Catholic faith today.  Busy schedules make it easy for families to dismiss their commitment to attending weekly Mass.  Prayer can seem obsolete, as the blessings over meals are whispered or not spoken at all.  Fear of judgement keeps many tongues tied and mouths shut, but not all have lost their way.  A strong Catholic woman lets the Lord be her Shepherd, guiding her to live a life of faithfulness and service as Jesus once did.

A Catholic woman uses the uses the gifts God has given her to serve everyone and not just those that are familiar or friendly.  A catholic woman shares her gifts joyfully and does so not out of obligation or for reward, but out of a yearning to make the world a better place.

A Catholic woman stands strong in her beliefs, even when the world disparages them. Her prayers are a two-way conversation with God and not simply a list of demands.  She sets aside time for Mass, reconciliation, and reflection, and continually grows in her faith.

A Catholic woman recognizes that all individuals were created in God’s likeness and given the gift of life.  She therefore values all life and treats everyone as a child of God.

A Catholic woman strives to live a life of selflessness and service.  Even as she tries to set an example for others, however, she also recognizes her own weaknesses and constant need for God’s forgiveness and grace.

A Catholic woman never gives up and always places her trust in the Lord.  When faced with life’s challenges and hardships, she prays for the strength and faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the ability to say ‘yes’ to God even when His plan is not fully understood.

Natali Freihammer
St.Mary of Vernon Catholic Church