About Us

A Message from Our President

Joan Billingham

We begin this second year of my term as the ACCW president, unfortunately, along with the second year of COVID-19. While it is not entirely clear if we are reaching the tail end of this devastating disease, there are positive changes.

No one has been left untouched by events this past year. We have all been through (and continue to pass through) so many changes. But, as Benjamin Franklin said, “When you are finished changing, you are finished”.

So, while we still have blood running through our veins and Christ in our hearts, let’s keep going. We may have felt or continue to feel isolated. Don’t “give up” or feel/be alone. Make it a time to reflect on the importance of the love and support for and from our families, friends, and our God.

While we may be distant with some, the fondness and love does not diminish. In fact, with all the electronic devices we have, we are still able to connect. That is a blessing.

You’re all a blessing. And during this time, when love, strength, prayer, and support are needed, I’d like to ask you wonderful women to keep brightening the world with your goodness and mercy.

Be blessed!

Joan Billingham