ACCW Scholarship

2019 Winning Essay

Being a Catholic woman in today’s world today is a dynamic, joyous role.  Although Catholic women should not be confined to a stereotype, they do have some key characteristics.  First and foremost, a Catholic woman is committed to strengthening her relationship with God.  She attempts to attend Mass regularly.  She tries to pray often.  She promotes Catholic values through everyday actions and she encourages others to deepen their faith and strengthen their own relationship with God.

A Catholic woman in today’s world also works to take care of others.  She is selfless with her time and attention, often volunteering in her parish and local community.  One of her priorities is caring for those who are not cared for by anyone else, such as the homeless.  Catholic women also recognize the importance of treating all people with love and respect, regardless of their age, race, appearance or situation.  They work to refrain from judging others and instead try to be empathetic to all.  They are also always willing to forgive, and they can ask forgiveness when they have made a mistake.

Finally, a Catholic woman in today’s world is called to be a leader for others.  A Catholic leader is one who uses her gifts and talents for the good and love of others.  She acts as a role model for those around her.  She is also not afraid to risk rejection or ridicule when promoting her faith.  The most important characteristic of a Catholic leader, however, is the understanding that life is a gift.  A Catholic woman is joyful and lives life to the fullest every day.  By doing do, she encourages and inspires those around her to do the same.

Patricia Freeman
Carmel High School, Mundelein, IL
St. Gilbert, Grayslake, IL