ACCW Scholarship

2020 Winning Essay

What It Means to be a Catholic Woman in the World Today

In our world today, religion seems to have faded into the background. No longer is it a priority for families to attend church on Sundays or pray before meals and bedtime. The underlying fear of saying God’s name keeps many quiet so as to not offend others. However, for those who truly know and love God, the role of a Catholic woman as a ready witness to her faith and to her Christian mission has become increasingly vital.

A Catholic woman is a standout in society. Her actions consistently reflect the love of Jesus. She is unafraid to speak the truth and extends her hand to those who do not know God. She is both understanding and forgiving as she knows no one is perfect.

A Catholic woman is a role model beyond the doors of her parish community. She is a light to others and embraces her God-given gifts and talents to make the world a better place. She makes time, even when it is not easy, to volunteer and shine God’s love on all she encounters.

A Catholic woman knows her faith. She strengthens her relationship with God through study, adoration and worship. She comes to learn how to extend mercy to others as well as to herself. She seeks forgiveness at Reconciliation when she falls short.

A Catholic woman doesn’t discriminate based on differences, but recognizes that we are all children of God. She values life and understands that all of humanity was created in His own image and likeness. She recognizes her body as a temple and sees herself as a daughter of God.

A Catholic woman strives to fulfill her purpose, all the while accepting God’s will, however she is directed. Whatever God asks, she can do with the help of His grace.

Janie Schulz
St. Gilbert Parish. Grayslake, IL